Open Door Relocation provides flexible relocation solutions. 

We provide a tailor-made approach to meet the needs of each individual customer.  Our most popular services include a home search for residents within the UK; a tailor-made package of relocation from overseas; and education searches. 

Whether you are coming to the UK from another country or within the UK we support you in finding your new life in Cheshire.    


We believe in providing a flexible, bespoke service that responds to your specific needs. We provide a comprehensive service and with our broad experience, expertise and professional approach, we are likely to be able to help you. 

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Our aim is to integrate the family to their new environment with minimal disturbance to their work-life and their children's education.   In addition we can assist families find clubs for their hobbies and social activities and register memberships


Pre-relocation familiarisation services

A pre-relocation discussion helps identify your specific needs to address any initial questions or requests. Indeed, we find that many questions can be answered prior to a familiarisation visit which allows the visit to focus on what needs to be addressed in person, such as housing visits or school visits.

Identification of key geographical areas

We will work with you to identify key target geographical areas that meet your needs for housing, transport links, schools, local amenities, healthcare and other needs. 

Home identification

Using the parameters you provide, we will sift and search for your ideal home, liaising with estate agents, property managers or landlords to provide a selection to review, reducing your workload and providing efficient and timely communication.  


Knowledge of schools and/or universities is crucial for our clients with families and we pride ourselves in our knowledge. We will discuss the range of education options, including standards, costs and how to access provision through applications, entrance exams and interviews. We work closely with consultant education professionals to offer insight in this every-changing and crucial area.


Local “Concierge” services

We will support you in finding the right local amenities and services such as supermarkets, hospitals, gyms and golf courses. We also support you in membership applications and in securing local utility and TV services to ensure you can quickly enjoy your home and everything the local area offers. A part of our commitment is the promise that even when the relocation service contract is completed, we will remain available to you to help you with any questions or challenges you may have.


Financial Service

For our clients relocating as employees we provide a detailed financial service for the employer that gives regular updates on the progress of the assignment and costs incurred and we offer tailored service packages aligned with their relocation policy.