Finding the right area
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A pre-relocation familiarisation service is provided to identify the and view the area before a decision is made to take the secondment.  Choosing the right area to meet the needs of the family is key to helping the family settle into their host country.    Early discussion to determine and consider the importance of transport links, the commute to work, schools, local amenities and healthcare.  It is helpful to identify leisure pursuits as this may determine where you choose to live.   Places of interest, clubs, societies and sporting facilities may be of prime importance and need to be taken into consideration when selecting an area to live.   

Finding the right home for you

Open Door Relocation will search, review and select several properties identified in the initial discussion that meet your criteria.   Finding the right place to live ahead of the move will minimise disruption to work and family and social life. If request, Open Door Relocation can view properties and negotiate rates on your behalf, providing excellent and timely communication at your discretion. In the event a home is not selected prior to the move, temporary housing  (serviced apartments or hotel accommodation) can be arranged until a suitable home is located. 

Finding the right education for your children
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A detailed pre-relocation interview and discussion with our customer identifies the specific educational needs that are required for their children.  There are a variety of options available in the North West to meet the needs of our client and their families.   We pride ourselves in our knowledge of what type of school / university is available, the standard of education each provides and how to access the services through entrance exams and interviews.  Using league tables a summary of relevant schools, detailed profiles and brochures to include extra-curricular activities will be sought.  Availability of places and the requirements for entry will be established.  

Finding things to support your lifestyle
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Cultural training is available from a range of providers and is recommended to help you and your family to familiarise with your host location.  Where English is not your first language, we can arrange language training to help you to integrate into the community.   We can help you locate clubs and places for you to continue the activities and hobbies that you enjoy.   It can be a great opportunity to also meet new people and people who are in a similar situation to you.